Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye old friend

Today at age 28 we had to put down old Nattai Lady Firefly, one of my favorite Welsh mountain mares. She never bred very well for us and her first foal was a filly that unfortunately we sold, from then on it was all colts.
She hadnt been coping very well and with winter approaching she and her two paddock mates, aged 25 and 27 respectively were put down together by the vet.
Such a wealth of memories tied up in them all and such a sad day for us all.
At least I can put them down, you cant with people.


sally-ann said...

What a very sad day for you but with loads of happy memories they will never be forgotten x

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Robin Mac said...

Oh Penny I feel for you, always sad to say goodbye to old friends, but I agree, at least you can put animals out of their misery.

annie said...

I am so sorry, Penny. You had your old friend a long time, and as Sally-ann and Robin Mac say, you stopped her suffering and will have the many years of memories to comfort you.