Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some bits of my day

We had a very early doctors appointment today, he was half an hour late and we had various things burnt off bits of our body. No flu shots yet.
After that we staggered down for a walk along the beach, staggered because we had burns on our legs,
but there was some lovely bits of sea and sky to photograph.
There is a bit at the point we walk to which at low tide has a low reef and I love the way the water funnels through between the rocks in various ways.
I put all these in the wrong way around again, when will I ever learn in which order to put up my photos!
We had to get the mail and John needed a loo ( too early a start for him) so while I waited I took the photo of the railway crossing, well the tram crossing, this is for the horse drawn tram. I dont know if the side shows are being dismantled for good or only for winter but they were busily taking down the big one, looks a bit unsubstantial in this guise.
We finally came home and I have been doing a few more gelatin prints, they really are such fun and this was one of them.
Tomorrow we will be in Adelaide early and spending the night as my eye specialist appointment is early Thursday morning. so probably no blog for a couple of days.


annie said...

Yes, Penny, watching water swirl back and forth between rocks is hypnotic and I get caught up and stare and stare and stare, myswelf.

Unknown said...

I love your gelatine print - I think I might need lessons!

Look after the burnt bits with a hug

Robin Mac said...

YOu probably won't read this till you come back from Adelaide, but I am thinking of you Penny and hoping you get a good outcome. Sometime I shall really have to try those gelatin prints, they look fabulous. Cheers, Robin

Karen said...

The gelatine prints turned out wonderfully Penny.