Friday, March 26, 2010

Here and Adelaide

The first photo I took this morning while we were walking around Encounter Bay, the Bluff and Wright Island showing up well.
I have to report that my eye had the laser treatment and all is now well, apart from huge floaters in it yesterday I can now see without thinking I have a large blurry mist in front of the eye. So all is sort of well with my world.
Also yesterday I got a lovely package from Robyn Gordon, more on that tomorrow but I have to say that I am thrilled to bits with what she sent.
On Wednesday P and I went to this wonderful place, One Rundle Trading, not only does it have the most wonderful bits and pieces but fabulous clothing, all a bit over my budget but a great place to have a bit of nostalgic nonsense. Last time I was there I bought some porcupine quills. In an earlier life it was a picture theater, but I am rather afraid that with the for sale sign on it it may be going for redevelopment which would be a shame as it has great character.
I actually managed to get out without spending anything but only because I had bought at Cheap as Chips a great little flat pack of a kitchen 'thingumy' on wheels, it was only tiny and I had hoped it might fit in a funny corner in the kitchen, it didnt but will be a great help when I am entertaining, just giving me another small top to put stuff on with a drawer, a basket and a tray, all pretty small but I cant have a large one any way. A bit of re-organisation in the kitchen and it is done.
Cant take photos there really isnt room and the whole kitchen is due for a mega tidy and clean.
Off out to a cocktail party tonight, so off to feed animals and think about what to wear.
Thank you to all who asked about my eye, after all my worrying I couldnt believe it was done there and then and was so simple. Interesting lights while he was doing the laser though. multi coloured circles spinning out from it.


Robin Mac said...

I agree about the laser Penny, I felt I wanted to capture the light effect! I get a similar effect with the injections in my eye each time. Hope the floaters go soon for you. Love the photos. Cheers, Robin

annie said...

So glad that the laser worked well, Penny. Good luck with the floaters.

Hildred and Charles said...

The lights were the most marvelous thing about the whole procedure. I could hardly wait to have the second eye done to enjoy that fantastic show again!

Great photos, - the shop looks very inviting.