Sunday, March 28, 2010

A bit of this and that

It has softly rained all day, we didnt get a huge amount but it does now feel a bit more like autumn is coming.
No walk as it was just that much too wet and when perhaps we could have I felt suddenly very tired.
We had a foal who tried to take off half a nostril this morning so had the vet out to stitch it up. I held the mare for what seemed like about 2 hours. The foal was very good but it means poor Sarah has to give it injections for the next few days.
We also went in to an art exhibition opening, a friend of mine had some very nice paintings in it we were not there for long but caught up with a few friends. It was in aid of a school in Africa.
No money to spend, as we have just organised our trip to Queensland in April and then a couple of nights in Melbourne on the way back. I wont be home for much of April at all.
The photos well I dont know if I have shown the first one before or not, it is the top of my cupboard in my work room, not sure why I even took it but it came up as a screen saver, I love seeing the odd photos I have taken rolling past.
This month with the Holey Moley is texture, I thought that this sea weed which was heaped on the beach on my Saturday walk looked like texture.
Finally this poor little toad fish all bleached, I wouldnt want to walk on him in bare feet. Actually I think I took his photo when he was first washed up but that was the lot that the display on my camera had been moved.
He looks quite sweet, belying his nasty poisonous flesh.
I have spent almost all today trying to make up a pattern for a rabbit that is like a cloth doll, what I have ended up with looks like a dog. I will dress it and see what I think tomorrow.
The best laid plans.

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Wanda said...

I always enjoy looking at your photos and reading of your day, Penny! You always have something of interest to share!