Monday, March 01, 2010

Vineyards, paintings, wild seas and strange birds

These are some photos taken yesterday. We went over to McLaren Vale and here are some photos I took at DogRidge Winery, the entrance, some paintings by Jen Wright, which I really liked, the pine trees on the hill beyond the vines and then home to Victor where there were really wild seas as you can see from this photo taken at the Bluff and looking towards Victor.
Finally I have been playing around with this long legged bird here he is on his wire legs that are wrapped in cloth, he was fun to do and a couple more owls and funky chickens. I have been busy.
I almost thought I could open a bird gallery, you havent seen the crows yet.
Wind wind and more wind. I dont particularly like wind so a day to stay indoors for most of it, although I did take some wooden train tracks over to Millie so she can now have a very large train track, I have had some of these since the children were small and a few need more joiners but I cant see that I will use them and I think Tabby and Millie and Mason will have more fun out of them.
I still have a few more birds to construct, so back to doing them.


Wanda said...

You had an interesting day it seems, of great views and creativity, Penny.

Doreen G said...

Love the bird Penny long legs and all.

Gail P said...

Oh my, the birds are lovely and just my kind; anything that doesn't require care is great in my book! I've just had the best time catching up with your blog.

Caroline said...

One more reason to be so envious!!!
Please can I sneak away,
to your life!
Of course
Just in my dreams!
Thankful, and loving your post!