Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wet Saturday

I have once more managed to get my photos in totally the wrong order.
I went in to the market and it was drizzling, John had gone fishing, (he had an interesting day, it got windy),
any way I did my marketing and then went along to have a walk on the beach, there were yachts sailing and a pair of the little plover were on the beach, right where people come down with their dogs, silly things.
I now know why there are areas of sand all scuffed up with dog prints, people go down and stand and chat and throw balls, no exercise for them but I suppose the dogs get some.
I noticed that the bit of the Ferris wheel in the fair ground now has its baskets on, so I suppose it was being got ready for Easter. I wouldnt like to go round in it.
I came home and was going to do all sorts of things and spent the whole afternoon looking for a rabbit pattern to make up and I cant find one I like so I suppose I will have to make one up myself.
I had called in to see Millie and Tab and I remembered that Millie doesnt like dolls but she does love rabbits. I hadnt seem them for a week and it is lovely to see them, Millie is so sweet.
Oh and we had a reasonable time last night at the cocktail party at the Hilton for 'Advantage Adelaide' which I think is such a stupid thing to call a tourist awards scheme. I have to say I told them so too, I must be getting to a certain age!! I put Advantage on my dog and cat, its a flea repellent, and what on earth does advantage Adelaide mean?
Enough silliness. Off to cook dinner.

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ArtPropelled said...

We have just got back from the farmers market and the weather is exactly the same as yours. I'm so glad your laser treatment has been successful. What a relief! Also glad you enjoyed the package. Amazing how it arrived on the day of your treatment.
I love your last gelatin print (post of the 23rd March). Another favourite!