Monday, March 22, 2010

Embriodered fish

Still need to be backed or on a backing but I did some simple running stitch on this last night with a bit more of the embroidered grasses and love the way it has puckered and rippled, I thought it might make them look more fish like.
No photos today, we went to the beach and walked but I had the camera on totally the wrong button and didnt notice so nothing came out very well, A shame as when I came home I found three Ibis in the garden and I took photos of them too but that didnt work either, then when I went to put them on the computer I discovered they were wrong.
Cant get everything right all the time.
I had two trips into Victor so not a lot else got done, we spent time at Centrelink trying to get together everything for this pension application. It is now in the lap of the gods.
I have done a few more prints but not ready to show them yet.
Off to feed the dogs and move a hose or two.

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Doreen G said...

I've heard the people at Centrelink called lots of things but gods wasn't one of them.
But honestly Penny we have always found them very helpful and have never had any problems with them.