Sunday, March 14, 2010

Around the garden this morning

I had a quick wander while turning on hoses this morning and autumn is certainly coming, although it was hot and sticky today and we had a fiery sunrise this morning as you will see in the last photo.
The Pomegranite doesnt seem to know what time of the year it is as I have fruit ripening and flowers all at the same time and the foliage is beginning to yellow, I love the butter yellow they go in autumn.
The autumn crocus have suddenly burst into flower, I hadnt seen them before this morning and there were quite a few clumps of them, we dont grow crocus very well here and I think these are actually colchiums not crocus, we are really to warm for the others.
I think this huge succulent maybe an aeonium but I am not sure, it grows by the house in a very dry spot under the eaves, and yes we do have eaves and I wouldnt live in a house without them in this climate.
I have these cyclamen by the bedroom door on a sheltered bank and they flower at all sorts of odd times, nice and cheerful in a dark spot.
John went fishing off Victor today as the fellows didnt get anything in the gulf yesterday and came home very pleased with themselves with a big bucket of various fish, I have taken a photo but may put that up tomorrow as I went in to meet them and walked around on the cycle path for about an hour as well as taking advantage of no one in the house to do some cleaning so I am now a bit tired.
Trying to work out my stitch for this weeks Take a stitch Tuesday before Tuesday comes again and it is another slightly tricky one this is part of Sharon B's pintangle challenge for the year. If you want to know more look on my side bar.
The party last night was lovely but all my photos are pretty ordinary, the girls had pulled faces or something in nearly all of them, I will have another look tomorrow and see what I can do, loads of red eyes to get rid of. We didnt have a late night, home by around 11 which was good for us.

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