Friday, March 19, 2010

Sand hill sedges and embroidered leaves

This photo was supposed to go in yesterday but some how it vanished. Computers are a bit like that I have discovered.
I really love the colours of the plants on the sand hill in the light the other morning, all orangy yellows with some green and grey.
I finished off the printed piece of fabric last night with stitches and had a lot of fun doing it. I know it looks a bit messy but that is what it is supposed to convey, stones and sticks and dead leaf litter in late summer, soil that is old and tired and discoloured. Any way it was fun to play with.
Today I have been doing fish, they may appear later.
A much cooler but still humid day, 2 mm of rain over night but I would like 25mm at the moment.
We walked this morning, I have fiddled around with a few odds and ends and am not sure I have got any where!
We are out to dinner tonight, possibly out tomorrow night (wrap up of the election) so a bit social for a change, I will have to brush up on my small talk.
Our morning walks have been magic, a different place this morning with more shells. I just haven unloaded the photos yet.
I am still trying to work out what I do with all these small bits of stitch that I have been doing.


annie said...

Glad to see the Disappearing Photo. Enlarged, those colors form a lovely tapestry.

As I have said before, ever since I worked in a factory I am convinced that all machines-- especially computers-- are really androids...


ArtPropelled said...

I love love love this piece! Maybe you could use all the small pieces in a bigger slow cloth. I'm intrigued by all the slow cloths in the blog world.
Your walks do sound wonderful. We'v started our early morning walks again, starting just before sunrise when the air is deliciously crisp.