Thursday, March 04, 2010

My day

I wandered out to see if there was any sign of the promised rain, and these clouds caught my eye. There is still some talk about a possibility tomorrow but I fear not for us.
These pink sedums are just coming into flower and I am always so pleased with the varieties I have as they flower when not much else is and they dont mind dryish ground, I have several different colours this one if I remember rightly I pinched off a rubbish bin at the Botanic Gardens!
Here is Oscar, trying to make up his mind if he really wants to be outside or not, he finally decided that he didnt. He really is an inside cat as I fear for him with snakes in the summer, but sometimes he slips out when no one is looking. Then he searches for rats. I love cats but I dont want ones who kill all my precious birds.
Talking of birds I have been finishing off another one of these haughty looking crows, hope he sells. John was threatening to buy him and hang him in his red ute, he felt that was the right thing for a large crow like this. Also we do follow the Australian Rules football team who are based here in South Australia called The Crows.
Why are they called the crows? Because South Australians in the early days were called crow eaters. In reference to our dry state. I dont think we are quite at that stage yet but we are very dry at the moment.


ArtPropelled said...

Love Haughty Crow!

Robin Mac said...

Gorgeous crow Penny, I really think John should hang it in the ute! Hope yo get some rain soon - you can have all that Queensland has been having - far to much of a good thing - but at least in a few months some of it should flow down to Lake Alexandrina. Cheers, Robin
PS the verification word is langedg - very appropriate for a blog about dyslexia!