Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baskets and birds

Yesterday got away from me and today has up to a point as well.
I feel terribly tired, which I shouldnt as I had a lovely day.
John drove me up to Adelaide and I collected some flowers for my mother and took them to her.
She is back in a wheel chair so I dont know what that is all about but I wheeled her outside and then her podiatrist came so we sat in the sun by an open door and privately talked and Mummy had her poor old feet done.
Her podiatrist is a lovely girl who has a dyslexic son and so as I have a dyslexic mother and daughter and grand daughter, and possibly me as well we had a long chat. The problems and the huge plusses as well and that at least they had found out about her son early.
We then went over to Urrbrae House which is at the Waite Institute, I havent been to the house since my fathers friend Jim Melville and his wife lived there and that must be nearly 50 years ago. There was a basketry exhibition on there and as I have made baskets and keep thinking I would love to get back into making a few we went. It was a lovely exhibition and I bought this marvelous book that tells me all the things I had forgotten.
We went to two other exhibitions but I have to say they were not much chop, its just that while the Festival is on so are a lot of other things so we try to see a few of them.
We had lunch looking over the sea at O'Sullivans Beach, a take away but it was a stunning day just to sit and look.
I took these ducks a couple of days ago, I am not sure if they are ordinary old mallards, which they dont quite look like or chestnut teal.
Also as we walked this one legged Magpie sat and regarded us but wasnt going to move so I took his photo too.
Sorry, I have the photos mixed up!
So a quiet and early night for me I think and then back to trying to price and finish off stuff for the exhibition next month.

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