Friday, March 05, 2010

Crazy birds and the Bluff

I have finished the second one of these birds, they have been fun to do and I hope they sell.
We went walking this morning and what a difference on the beach from last week.
With all the wind we have had over the last few days a lot of sea weed has washed in. It wont be terribly nice to walk along in a few days as it tends to smell.
There were a few clouds out to the south, they have come and gone all day but the weather bureau is telling us we may get some rain in the next little while. I do hope so.
I seem to say the same thing at this time of the year, we are dry we need rain.
I have just had to cancel my booking for Geelong this year as we will not have any drought assistance from the end of this month, and although technically we are not totally drought affected it takes us a good 2 years to recover.
Not sure what the final prognosis will be but every year I worry that we will have to sell and so far we are still here. Here is hoping all will be well but with farming you can never tell. Unfortunately as milk producers we are in the hands of those we sell to and those we buy from to feed the cows.
Sometimes I wonder if any one really cares that we are paid so little to produce a staple food.


Wanda..... said...

I'm sure the pair will sell, Penny. Anyone would want them, they look like "Spring Chickens" to me! Spring is on my mind these days. Our snow is slowly melting.

Gran said...

Love those birds! Especially the tails, not to mention the feet!