Monday, March 15, 2010

TAST 2 and a mix of pictures

Well first off I have put up my very poor rendition of my second TAST 2 embroidery stitch, this is knotted loop stitch.TAST 2 is part of Sharon B's challenge for the year, see her site on the side bar.
I had a lot of trouble with this stitch and still dont know whether it was supposed to have two knots or only one, but I had fun trying both, I had to look on a couple of other sites to find this stitch and even then it didnt seem to quite work the way it should. Maybe it is a new stitch!
This morning we walked along the bay, a bit late as we were caught by a friend of John's who wanted to talk and it was quite hot by the time we got going and the sea was glassy with Seal rock silhouetted , all rather lovely and around the corner there was The Bluff and Wright Island, the sea had these wonderful darker blue streaks in it, and no wind and hardly a wave.
From yesterday, a sink full of fish, a huge flathead and whiting and various other fish including Oscar's favorite red mullet.
While waiting for the boat to come in yesterday this young gull was annoying its parent in the car park, so of course it had to have its photo taken. The parent was totally ignoring it.
It has got quite a lot hotter today, oh and I bought a new hen, she seems to have settled in alright with the others, I am always a bit worried about the pecking order. I wanted two but they only had one available. Perhaps in a week or two I will get another.

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SONIE said...

ur kotted loop stitch has come out different and beautiful