Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yesterday and today

When we walked yesterday we watched the Yvonne catamarans racing in the bay, I think it was The National championships, I remember when the Yvonnes were fist introduced here many many years ago.
Then a crab who was very embarrassed when I took his photo and finally this morning the
Queen of the night cactus that has been scrambling in a tree for years and never flowered has finally flowered.
We had a lovely night with friends last night, a great dinner and we watched the fire works from their house going from Hindmarsh Island around to Victor making a great spectacle.
Today I have cleaned the house, washed as we found a leak from some where that had wet towels in the cupboard, annoying.
We have more drinks to go to tonight which I had forgotten about and family arriving as well.
Hope my knee holds up.


Charlene said...

Such lovely photos, but the one that truly grabbed me was the one of crabs on the beach -- I thought you had tossed around tatted pieces to enhance the crabs! It is so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

annie said...

What a beautiful flower the Queen of the Night Cactus is, Penny. I have never seen one nore heard of one. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting flower, worth the wait I think and the colours of the sails are so pretty.