Friday, January 16, 2009

Ratty Tatty papers

I am doing Dale Rollerson's on line course and this was one of the first exercises, great fun to do and so easy, she is very clever in the things she thinks up.
I had a very early electrician today to connect up the new air con so we were both up early.
I have done some weed pulling as it is relatively cool today and the fire near us yesterday sent a few alarm bells out we have a bit too much dry grass around. Thankfully Mr Snake was not around.
I have made bread, made some soup stock and done two lots of stewed apricots from off the tree. I love years like this when the birds have so much nectar from the gum blossoms they dont bother us.


Doreen G said...

I love it Penny the slip really makes it.

bunks said...

Wow, lovely piece of art there.

Unfortunately our sweet cherry tree died but it was at the point where there were enough cherries for both us, the birds and the racoons so I know what you mean about the apricots.

PAMELA said...

The "napkin" looks even better here, than on the Ratty album.
It's gorgeous.

Pamela (formerly of Adelaide)