Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reef rockpools and people

This family were having a lovely time walking on the exposed reef when I went walking a few days ago. the rock pools were looking quite interesting and the tide was low.
I have been to Adelaide today to see my mother, she seemed ok, but tired. John had a meeting at Flagstaff Hill golf course beginning at 9 and so I found my way down to get petrol etc at Mitcham and then on to see P and then up to see Mummy and finally found my way back to Flagstaff Hill to collect John a bit after 12 and then home, doesnt sound much but then it was home and feed the dogs cat and chooks as well as organise dinner.
Tomorrow will be busy with my dolls for the Zonta show having to go in and then the tour down under stage to watch, it will be fun but I am itching to do some more of my ratty tatty papers course that I am doing on line with Dale Rolleson of the Thread Studio. Class 2 has silk paper making and I love making silk paper.

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bunks said...

Good luck with the dolls.