Monday, January 12, 2009

Cool Cat Oscar

Oscar had his nose put out of joint a bit while Will was here as Will wanted him to play and it is beneath Oscar's dignity to do that. So poor Oscar moved chairs and beds, any thing to not be near.
Now he is king of his castle again and was posing very nonchalently last night back in HIS chair.
He also likes to sit at the table on his other chair and be there while we eat, he never attempts to get on the table but occasionally if he thinks there could be something absolutely delicious a paw comes out and pats John's hand.
Strange animals cats, Oscar does not purr, I have never had a cat that didnt purr he smooches now he is 9 but you still have to be careful that he doesnt whack you if you take too many liberties with him. He is not happy about not having his half hour or so outside at the moment but with a tiger snake around I dont want to take the risk.

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bunks said...

My sister-in-law has a cat that doesn't purr. It seems strange to me because ours is the opposite. He purrs so loudly he sounds like a squeeky wheel.