Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out to dinner and the catch of the day

Yesterday was Australia Day, and we went in early for the ceremony in Victor, then did various jobs, had a walk over at Normanville prior to collecting the liquid nitogen I took the picture of the red sailing yacht there, and then out to dinner at Tabby and John's, a beautiful night and brilliant food, Tabby's John had excelled himself.
Millie was having a lovely time wandering around outside and being given wizzy's by big sister Celina, the one of her looking up is after she had sat down about 4 times trying to get her legs back. Then sitting on Celina's back and sitting on Mum. Spot the dog is usually in attendance.
The fish John had caught on Sunday when he went fishing, a very colorful lot, the red mullet was for Oscar and so was the flat head as he was a bit small but the whiting and garfish were for us. Wonderful.
Last night there were a million stars out, amazingly clear. Today over 41 degrees and cloudy and hot and humid and horrid. We are about to have at least a week of this. I am so glad I have organised not to go any where.

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