Saturday, January 03, 2009

Of dogs and beaches and family

The beach photos span two days, yesterday and today, the dinner with some of the family was last night, very much a spur of the moment thing gathering some of them together as the Melbourne lot havent much time here.
Suddenly with the holidays my favorite walking beach has become infested with packs of dogs, some people only have one but a lot seem to have three or four. Not always a happy combination.
the sailing regatta has finished this morning although I would have thought they would have had normal sailing as it is Saturday.
Yesterday was very windy and quite cold, today was much warmer and there were people swimming.
I havent had time to do anything creative, unless you call cooking creative. Yesterday I made a boiled fruit cake and a potato salad and a green salad and crumbed 24 filets of whiting.
This morning as John was going fishing, although this is the worst time of the year to catch fish, and I went in To Victor early to go to the market, I got some olive oil, and collect the papers and then walk along the beach.
Yesterday I found a really quite fresh sea dragon on the beach, forgot to photograph it, but it is now in the shed drying out. I am not sure if it is a leafy or not as not a lot of leaves left on it.

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Aussie Jo said...

Our local beach is Ocean Grove and dogs are banned on the main beach from December to April. Some dog owners are unfortunately very inconsiderate, I remember swatting one (the dog not the owner) with a thong when he kept annoying my young children.