Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is HOT 45 degrees

It has been so hot that I have not managed to do much as I just get sticky and sweaty and its revolting. We have a bit of cloud which means humidity and the air con is not making a lot of difference, well I suppose it is but its still over 30 degrees inside.
So these photos are to make me think I am cool.
The sun spots I have had burnt off my back have got to the itchy stage too and well nothing is madly comfortable.
I have sewn sequins on 31 charms, and I think I have a few more to do. then I have to edge them and I cant find my eyelet setter or the ordinary eyelets so I have been half heartedly searching for them in my over heated work room.
I had to go into Victor this morning and at 10 when I came home it was registering 45 degrees on the outside temp on the car. It has been terribly hot and the weather bureau is telling us it will be 40 until Sunday. One hardly bears to think about it and of course the radio which I have on to let me know if there is a fire any where just keeps carrying on about how hot it is and what the latest temperature is and I have no doubt they are in really cool air conditioned comfort.

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