Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today and last night

We survived the 42 degrees of heat we had yesterday and thank goodness the much cooler change today, even if we were in Adelaide which was hotter than down here.
No fires here but we worry about friends who live in the Pt Lincoln area and who have had another disastrous fire hit the area.
Yesterday Wendy came and we rusted papers using caustic soda and Ferrous sulphate, the papers came out well and I will photograph some later but we also tried using cloth, not hugely successful although some nice colours with the threads we tried. Poly cotton didnt do much at all although pure cotton came out slightly better. Time will tell how durable these fabrics will be.
Last night we went into Victor Harbor for dinner with friends who have a lovely house right on the esplanade and although it was still pretty hot as the cool change didnt come in until well after 10.30 the sunset, was a bit spectacular and with the palms and Norfolk Island pines we could have been in a totally different country.
Sometimes you have magic nights like this right in your own back yard.
Today was Adelaide and we had our hair cuts, saw my mother, who was tired and after about 1/2 an hour I crept away as she was in bed snoring!!
So we headed home sooner than usual and got a Hungry Jacks near Hallett Cove and ate it overlooking O'Sullivans Beach looking one way towards the now defunt refinery and the other towards the boat launching fascility ( the first photos), a lovely spot and we may go there again.
On a very sad note one of our very good but getting old Section A stallions, Rivington Hyder died quietly today of a heart attack, his mother is still alive, he was by Fairway Bryn and out of Imperial Heulwen, a lovely little stallion who did well in his day and we are glad we have a few daughters and a stallion and a colt to pass on his genes.
We have had a terrible year with the ponies, I know a lot are getting old but that is the 4th in a few weeks that we have lost and a very dear and valuable one.


Guzzisue said...

love the palm tree sunset pic. we woke up to hard frost and fog this morning!

bunks said...

Sorry about the stallion. Love the sunset pictures.