Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silk paper

It is nearly 7 pm and it is still 40 degrees, I thought it was better than yesterday and while the strong northerly was blowing it seemed to keep the air conditioner cooler but it is now still and very hot, still too hot to go and feed the chooks, if they are still alive, and hose things down. I cant believe how hot it is and we still have another week of it, the forecast for next Thursday for Adelaide 40 degrees, and we are going to Adelaide for our wedding anniversary!!
Any way I made this bit of silk paper, painted one side of a heap of paper clay ornaments with gesso and finished buttonholing around my charms, although I have counted them and still have about 7 to make.
I will have to start cleaning out cupboards next, just to take my mind off the heat, I keep hoping that we may get a bit of releif from a trough off the coast, maybe, just maybe, but that probably will affect Victor and not us, we are far enough inland not to get it.
I cant paint, I feel as if I am waisting days of my life. Still we were lucky as so far we have not had power cuts, some people in Adelaide have had a really awful time of it with no power, and you cant even sit under a shady tree with the hose on. I think tonight they said that the 43 Adelaide had was equivalent to 110 in the old money. Whew.

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