Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Altered book closure

We have been doing an altered book in Maggie Grey's class and my book has sat there for ages waiting for me to finish making the wrap to go around it. I had made part of it and made the utee tiles, I just hadnt finished getting it all together and today I finally made the cords and sewed it all together.
Trying to get a few things finished as I am feeling rather snowed under.
I spent all of the day moving paintings around so that the new one I bought would have a good place to hang. I have so many paintings that some almost reach the ceiling, so a lot got moved to new places, which is fun and is almost as good as new furniture which I dont have a hope in h... of getting.
Then as so much was dusty I did a thorough clean of all the surfaces so I am now hot and dusty and tired. With any luck it will last another week.


Doreen G said...

Penny your altered book looks fabulous

Robin Mac said...

Wow, Penny, your book looks absolutely gorgeous. Cheers, Robin

Julie said...

What a fantastic book, Penny! Well done, it's awesome!