Sunday, January 11, 2009

A magic morning

As it was still relatively cool John and I went over to Parson's Beach this morning to walk. It was a very low tide and absolutely magic.
The air was so clear we could see all the way across to Kangaroo Island. There were a few surfers on the beach and in the water and the water looked terribly inviting, even though I know it is cold.
The last photo was taken from the car park, there is quite a long and difficult walk down and then acres of this glorious sand.
There is a bit of a downside to this beach, gutters, rips and occasionally some one gets a bit taken out of them by a shark, it is great white territory.
So that was the morning.
The rest of the day has not been quite so good, I am desperately trying to lose some weight and my stomach keeps on growling at me. Not fun.
I am also on the last stages of getting together my embellished piece for Dale of The Thread Studio's connections challenge. It has taken me forever to get my head around it but finally I think I have almost finished it. Has to be there by the end of January.
Wendy and I are going to rust papers I hope on Tuesday and I couldnt find my rusting recipe and then I wasnt sure where all the ingredients were but I have now got it all together.
Supposed to be 41 degrees in Adelaide then so I hope it isnt too hot down here.

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bunks said...

What an absolute gorgeous beach thanks for sharing the pictures.