Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maggie Grey workshop

I have been slowly doing the free workshop Maggie Grey had for those of us who have purchased her textured surfaces book. we are now on I think lesson three but then again it may be 2 I cant remember and we are playing with coverings for books made out of boxes and then the books themselves, this one is made of shrink plastic which is a beast of a thing if you need a correct size as it shrinks unpredictably.
Any way I have been fiddling with these.
today we had a fellow who arrived early to re do our airconditioner.
I did arrange to collect Millie from Tabby who had to go to the dentist and also collect Gaby and Mason, so Gaby, Millie and Mason and I went to the art show for a look, not that easy with pushers but we managed it.
As I came into Victor I met the fire truck who was rushing out to Waitpinga hill to a fire, looked quite nasty but was soon put out thank goodness as it was heading in aproximately our direction.
Any way a lovely morning but a tiring afternoon with bangs and crashes. All we need now is for the electrician to come and connect us all up.

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bunks said...

These are cute :)