Monday, January 19, 2009

By my back door

This lovely verbascum self seeds a bit around the garden, it has been so dry not many are flowering well but this one is in a pot by the back door where it gets regular water. Absolutely gorgeous, it closes and shrivels a bit when it gets very hot and then suddenly looks good again. It has been very hot here today.
I am struggling with a small book that I am attempting to make out of a table napkin, slowly getting there, but Tabby and Millie came for dinner tonight and this morning I had a physio appointment so not a lot has got done, the story of my life at the moment.
Millie has been entertaining us with a new "face" and is an absolute sweetie, I finally got the old high chair that I was supposed to paint out of the shed and it fits without the tray under the round cedar table in the kitchen so she was very pleased to graze off our plates, garfish and salad followed by ice cream and freshly stewed apricots from the tree in the orchard.
We seem to be in for a hot spell for a while, typical when the Tour Down Under is about to start.
Fine for our fellows who are used to training in the heat but difficult for the overseas ones, we have a finish in Victor on Thursday which we are going to watch,we always like to see The Tour when it is here.

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bunks said...

One of the girls from our church has been taking school in Australia. She came home on holiday and her boyfriend arrived a few days ago.

As hot as it is there can you imagine when he got off the plane into a snowstorm with freezing tempratures, poor fellow.