Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bliss a walk along the beach

We had a cooler night last night and a bit cooler day out here, we got to 37 degrees, but Victor had a cooler day, about 29 but the humidity was high when we went in early to go to the market and get some olive oil and then walk, John complained he was getting burnt but I walked in the water. I wished I had taken my bathers as there was a slow and almost oily break and the water was quite warm for something that comes up from the antarctic.
There were people swimming horses, not sure if that is actually allowed, walking dogs and generally enjoying the morning.
I now have to make more of these wretched charms, so I have bonded some paper napkins to felt and this time I painted some acrylic wax over them, we will see how they turn out.
I spent all day cleaning up shelves and things, after a while I have to do something and I positioned a fan near me and off I went.
My poor lemon tree has been dropping all of its lemons so I squeezed a whole heap and put them into ice block trays and froze them, I think some of them literally cooked on the tree. I filled 4 ice block trays and I have a few more to do.
When it has been so hot we dont feel like eating much so sea food salads are great, lots of salad and a bit of smoked ocean trout and a few marinated mussels, enough flavour and just what you want.


kay susan said...

Oh my! I'm going to stop complaining about the winter weather here, because at least there are ways that I can warm up! It must be near impossible to cool down where you are..........

bunks said...

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.