Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A different look at things

This is the back of the garage which I really must clean out, although a friend did say it would make a wonderful sketch, all the things in my life from an old saddle an old computer and a nappy box!
Then this couple walking on the beach, when they turned around they both might just as well been wearing nothing, his pants were so low there wasnt much covered and she was rather the same.
What a hoot.
Then the groins from a different angle as I was starting off at a different place and only had 1/2 an hour to walk.
I am very tired, managed to get a lot of the ironing done, but of course more washing. I think they go on Thursday, not that I want them to I just find it all very tireing.
Adelaide tomorrow so M is going to cook which will be lovely. I seem to have done an awful lot of cooking and washing and the house needs a jolly good scrub.
Saw a black snake today out by the pigeon house, didnt look like a red bellied black and I am rather afraid it was a tiger snake. We dont often get them here and I really worry about them, it could be the same one I saw trying to get into the chook house a few weeks ago.


Aussie Jo said...

Hi Penny, is that a freudian slip there, did you really mean 'groins' or groynes!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I noticed that as well and was wondering what the proper word should be.

Your garage is a lot neater than ours, looks bigger as well. Currently we have to much junk in ours to put the cars in there so every day now it's brush the snow off the car before driving it.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Love the look of the garage! Ours is getting tidier as we toss out. Trouble in people give us so much stuff for the Rotary Donation in Kind to take to the depot. There's a huge photo-copier in there at present!
And to car can't fit in of course.