Saturday, January 24, 2009

Millie and Mason and the Tour Down Under

I am terribly tired, I have had a heap of sun things burnt off my back which are uncomfortable, last night I went into a Zonta gala opening of the needlecraft exhibition and although the hat parade was great it went on for far too long. I was up early this morning and went in to the market and then had a walk along the beach, all very fine then I raced home and made a salad and changed and over to Pt Willunga where we got onto the tail end of the peleton to get to where we were to have lunch and then went downto the esplanade and watched the last run through and as my camera was home took the race with my mobile phone. All very exciting for a couple of seconds. A lovely lunch. home and I now want a sleep!

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Doreen G said...

Penny the little ones are growing up so fast aren't they and they should be great company for each other when they get a little bigger.