Friday, January 09, 2009


Here are some odd photos taken during the week, Coffee in Victor with Will holding Mason, very awkwardly then Millie looking at the cockle train as it went past the windows and finally Tabby and Millie, Gaby, Evie, Marguerite and Will with the cockle train in the background.
I have been so busy this week, Simon and Marguerite and the family left yesterday and since then I have done nothing but wash bedding and towels with a washing machine that I think is on its last legs.
Last night we went to the cocktail party for the Rotary Clubs 30 years of art shows and to show off the paintings the council has had over those years, one forgets how many lovely paintings there were.
We are going to the opening tonight, in a few minutes and then out to dinner.

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bunks said...

The pictures of the children are so sweet.