Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Illawarra Flame tree flowers

As I was walking between Bunnings and the Officeworks (to get some more ink) I saw these flowers lying by the steps. I didnt get a photo of the tree as I was in imminent danger of being run over! Click on the first photo and you will see what they look like, absolutely enchanting. I knew they were a brachychiton but I wasnt sure which one until I got home.
Aussie Jo has just emailed to point out that in my last post I incorrectoly spelt groynes, yes it was a slip of the finger, I think, although there were a lot of the other kinds around too, but at least I know someone read my blog! I have to say my friend Virginia in Germany has given up correcting my dislectic spelling. I think that is spelt incorrectly too but you know what I mean.
We were in Adelaide today to see my mother, who was fit and well and for John to see the accountant briefly and have a beard trim. I had to call into Spotlight as somewhere I have some vliesofix but I really dont know where in this upheaval of a house, got some interesting paper and some brads as well, wondering if they would be useful for the Ratty Tatty papers on line course I am about to start with Dale.
The children leave tomorrow so I can have my house back and try to get some serious dieting done, well I will try but a cocktail party tomorrow night wont help.
Feel so sorry for Marguerite as both she and Simon work and part of her plans for children next week has fallen through and I cant get over to help out, they have no relations in Melbourne and struggle during school holidays.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Penny, I am really a visual person and these photos grabbed me immediately! Nature has a way to be just right.. beauty at your feet!!! thank you!