Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been making charms

It is still overbearingly hot so I have been making charms, something to keep doing when you dont feel like doing anything.
I had to do the weekly shop today and as we went in in the red ute I didnt have my supermarket bags in that car, so, John dropped me off and I shopped and then he rang to say, I went home to get them and then I forgot them again!! Long story, I bought 2 new bags and with the one we had in the car only broke one plastic bag they had given me. Now the ute has bags in it too. I think the heat is addling all our brains.
The charms at the top are made of paper napkins on felt and the edges dipped in utee, the others are various styles done on the embellisher.
It is cooler outside but the house has warmed up and John wants to go fishing tomorrow, I suppose I can go and have a walk and put my aching feet in the sea. We could do with the fish.


Robin Mac said...

I love the charms Penny, and I feel for you with that terrible heat. My feet are not liking me either so I can imagine what yours are like in those temperatures. Enjoy the paddle in the sea tomorrow, hope John catches lots of fish.

bunks said...

Sorry to hear about the heat and I hope you get some relief from it soon.