Saturday, January 10, 2009

A busy couple of days

I am afraid I am still on photos as what I am working on at the moment is not for publication.
Last night we went to the Victor Harbor Rotary Art show and then to dinner at the Beach Hut so the forst photo is of the rather nice wooden whales on the walls of the Beach Hut, they have Indian food but their pizza's are the best any where, usually we get take away but felt like a bit of an indulgence last night.
The second photo is of the interior of a small part of the huge tent which holds the paintings, John and I actually bought one, after a lot of standing around and waiting. More expensive than I usually buy.
Then this morning I was up early and in to the Farmers Market and bought what I wanted and then collected the papers and went for a walk on the beach. Came back to see if the shop I wanted to get a punch from was open and went back into the Market just as our Mayor was opening it, so I actually got to see the official opening. She was followed by some girls who did a great drumming display in the band stand and then a shot of the flower stall.
I have actually become a member as I can get 10% off and I think I will be a regular as more and more good stalls are opening.
Oh dear my photos have gone up in all sorts of order, any way if you click on them to enlarge you will more or less work it out!

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bunks said...

Looks interesting, I almost joined the farmer's market two years back but decided it was too much work. I was going to sell tie-dyes but figured there wouldn't be a market for them and didn't want to sit out in the sun all summer. If I'd had my own little stall I might have went for it.