Monday, August 09, 2010


Well once more I managed to get these photos back to front.
The bit of stitching is what I did to a print I made on a meat tray and then printed onto some hand dyed material and then stitched it all around.
A nice peaceful thing to do.
Yesterday when we went over the Peninsular to the other side we went along the back road and came across this large branch fallen across the road.
John had some large binder twine in the back of the ute and after a bit of fiddling around we managed to get it far enough across the road to get through. It was very pleasant standing around and taking photos!
Remember the last one is the first.
I think I am getting sick of this winter, we did have a bit of rain last night but not really very much but it has once more been cold and overcast and GREY!
Very depressing and going outside I am rugged up like an eskimo.
I know I will be complaining of the heat soon enough but what I would like would be 2 months of Spring with rain at night and bright not too hot days. It wont happen, but I can dream.
I would be getting on with house cleaning etc but my back is be deviling me, but at least I can get into a physio tomorrow and I hope that fixes it.
Actually I probably wouldnt be house cleaning, I would be playing but we wont go into that.


Wanda..... said...

That fallen limb reminds me of here and how they always seem to fall across the drive or the paths in the woods or over the creek!

Your creation is lovely like all the others...I like the rainbow like colors especially!

Suztats said...

A paisley sunrise! Wonderful colours.

shirley said...

I love paisley designs. You are lucky the tree wasn't any bigger.

Hope you back improves...I have had wonderful results with Bowen Therapy for back problems...have you tried that...i found it more successful than physiotherapy.

Julie said...

Love that print on fabric with stitching!!!!!

Gail P said...

I love dropping by, it's like having tea with a great friend!
lovely creation!