Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latest Foal and mail art

This little Welsh Mountain filly was born on Tuesday and she is a ripper. I took this photo late in the afternoon so she still has a bit of unraveling to do.
Poor little thing has had to go through some of the roughest weather we have had this winter but the paddock is nicely sheltered and she seems to be thriving.
In my mail box on the same day or was it a day earlier, not sure, came this wonderful mail art from Wanda in Ohio, we did a private swap and I was thrilled with what she sent me.
I love the envelopes (I did block out our names and addresses.)
The creek has been up but we missed it at its peak yesterday as we spent the whole day in town, not a nice day to be any where, floods in the hills, flooded roads, trees down I was glad to be home.
My mother looked peaceful and cosy in her warm rug, but was asleep for most of my visit. I sat and knitted and chatted away like a pork chop about nothing very much. I really dont know if she was taking any of it in at all.
I did get quite a lot of my scarf knitted. Only about another 80 inches to go!!


Julie said...

I love those envelopes! I'm gonna do that!!! How cool!

You are really going on the knitting project...can't wait to see it!

What a cute new little sweet!

What a wonderful life you have!!!

annie said...

Congrats on that foal. So cunning.I hope it is hardy and can take the cold weather. But I know it is a worry.

Glad that things are peaceful for your mother.

Adorable envelope.