Friday, August 20, 2010

Seals, sea and waves

As we wont have time to walk tomorrow we walked this morning before we shopped. I suggested we went over to the Pt Elliot sandy bay area, as we have had such a rough week weather wise I thought although we wouldnt see any whales the sea could be quite spectacular.
As we walked from the car park the waves coming in to the bay were moving in a semi circular way which I havent really caught here as the sun was in the wrong place.
I had just said to John that seeing any seals in these rough conditions was pretty remote when this one appeared, surfing in and around the waves but spending a lot of time under water, I was really pleased to get as much of him as I did. He wasnt hanging around. It is the black bit in the sea to the left of the second photo.
The next few photos tell you why, the waves were huge and although we were above them the occasional very very big one threw spray every where. I was so pleased to get a few of these shots as my little camera is not fast.
I think the best way to see these is to click and enlarge them.
We have had sun and showers all day, but still pretty cold.
I have for most of the afternoon done inside jobs but have just come in from feeding the chooks and in their feed bin was a RAT!! He ran over my hand but didnt bite me, as it is at the back of the garage I cant see terribly well into the bin, I thought it might have been a mouse but no a rat. John came and killed it for me, rats take a lot of killing. Ugh.
So more rat bait out tonight. That is the trouble with farms, there are always rats.

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annie said...

Beautiful surf, Penny. I've never seen a seal out in the sea. What a joy it must be to see wild creatures enjoying their swim. As for rats--though we love our farms, so do critters that we don't love.