Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pt Sturt 2010

If you go back to July 2009 you will see some photos I took at Pt Sturt almost a year ago and how much sand was showing.
Today we went to have a look and there is quite a lot more water in Lake Alexandrina than there was then.
Some from winter run off and some from a bit that has come down the Murray River as although there is still not much in the River there have been reasonable rains across the catchment.
It was heartening to see.
We had gone to Clayton Bay to see Jane Hynton's studio which was open as part of the SALA (Living artists ) few weeks and she suggested we went on to see what it looked like now.
I have to say it blew, it hailed, it poured with rain and was freezing cold.
We came back through to Pt Elliot and had lunch in the pub where it was almost too warm, and had a quick look at another couple of open studios, not as interesting I thought as the one at Clayton Bay.
Next week we may go to see more at Strathalbyn.
All in all a good thing to do on a wet day when your favorite football team is losing (again!)

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PamelaB said...

I don't comment very often on your blogs, but I do enjoy them and look in every day. Your life is so busy and very interesting.