Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A gift in the post and a break in the clouds

I received this wonderful collection of stuff from Gail in America, Thank you so much Gail, it made a pretty ordinary day a lovely one.
We headed for Adelaide today through sheeting rain, I wasnt able to see my mother for long as she needed dressings changed but I did have almost an hour with her. She actually looked better and sounded a bit better too.
We had lunch looking over the sea half way home, near the old oil refinery, quite windy and the waves were up, no rain until I got out to take the photos!
Our average for the year is slowly creeping up which is great, the Back Valley Creek was almost running a banker, but not quite, I think this is the highest it has been all year.
I am having problems with a diabolical back ache, not sure why but its one thing after another.
We had a lovely time last night with Millie telling us all about her adventures and showing us which photos she took on Mummy's computer. The joys of a digital camera, even 2 1/2 year olds can take photos, and I have to say some were remarkably good.


shirley said...

Hi Cynthia, Glad to hear your mum was better this time. You have certainly been having your share of "weather" lately.

Gail P said...

You're welcome!

Julie said...

Wish I could be there to be your Moms nurse! Would love to live in Australia!!! LOL...only in my dreams! Glad your Mom was doing better. It sounds like you live in heaven right next to the sea. I am about 2 miles from the beach here (Atlantic Ocean, of course)...and we rarely ever even go over to look at it, which is sad. I must make a point...maybe first thing in the morning. I will take pics too!!!