Saturday, August 07, 2010

To Market to market and a few other things including this weeks TAST

This is what I bought at the market this morning, we have already eaten those lovely large mushrooms, stuffed and baked for lunch. with a piece of the sour dough bread that is there.
I intend to have the leak and tiny turnips braised in butter with the fish tonight.
The sky this morning was spectacular, it was 1 degree outside and should have been a frost but I suppose the cloud kept that at bay, but it was cold on my toes as I stood on the front terrace flagstones to take this photo.
This crazy looking white cockatoo has been coming to pinch the wheat and seeds I feed the peacocks at night, he looks very tattered so must have been having a rough time of it. We dont really encourage them as they tear the trees to shreds but he is so silly I have a sneaking affection for him.
My last is a scan of TAST 23 which is called wave stitch and it really does look like waves, it is a simple but effective stitch which I had a bit of fun with.
We walked after we had gone to the market and got the papers this morning, and I had forgotten to bring my hand bag, with money (borrowed from John) and horror of horrors my camera. So we walked for about an hour around the bike track over the Inman River and over Kent Reserve and along the bay.
That is about all my knee will take at the moment and for some reason my back doesnt like me which is incredibly frustrating.
The good news is that I will start a few weeks painting on Saturday morning classes. I am really looking forward to that.


Wanda..... said...

Love that early morning sky! Fresh produce and any type of crusty bread are my favorites! I would trade a little hot weather for your cold, if I could!

P.S....Mail art sounds great!

Julie said...

Neat wave stitches! Love your yummy market vegies and bread...I want to get into turnips and rudabagas more. Poor little birdie there...I hope he is looking less haggard in time. Winter is so hard for the birds!

Hildred and Charles said...

Your dinner ingredients look delicious, - especially the mushrooms. And I love that wild eyed
cockatoo! He looks as if he could do with some kindness....

Raphaela said...

Love your stitching. Beautiful colours.