Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wind and couds

I was a little early for my physio appointment as I had gone in early to get the mail and the papers and so I went down near the caravan park at the mouth of the Inman River, thinking I might walk, it was very windy and when I looked at my watch realised I really didnt have the time but this wind surfer had obviously got into trouble as his parachute had landed inland a bit and he struggled to fold it and get it back to the beach and into a manageable bundle as I watched. It was still getting away from him as I left.
Tonight John called me out to see the clouds in the sky with the sun on the tops of them, it looked pretty black up the end of the valley but we didnt get any rain.
I am appreciating clouds more.
I cannot garden, lift or vacuum for a week. Then I have a review to see what I can do. Just as well John vacuumed this morning!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What beautiful clouds Penny. Good you got to notice them. We need to look up don't we, instead of only noticing the frost on the ground and the occasional mud!

shirley said...

You take really wonderful photographs Penny