Friday, August 13, 2010

Cold and windy

I was reminded today of why I think we have had such a cold winter when the weather girl told us that on Sunday Adelaide's top temperature is going to be 13 degrees, on the same day last year it was over 26 degrees, abnormally warm for this time of the year but a big difference.
John and I walked before shopping today as I dont think we will get much walking done over the week end with sheep grazier alerts out,a nd any way I am having a painting lesson tomorrow.
We walked along the beach from the mouth of the Inman towards the Bluff, here too there has been a lot of sea weed movement as is demonstrated by the 'whale' of sea weed in one of the photos. The wind was bitter and knifed through us but it was a good walk.
My back is still bad but I am trying to get a few things done, nothing to show but some progress being made on a swap I am doing and a bit of playing with stencils as backgrounds but nothing really to show.
I am looking forward so much to my lesson tomorrow, I just hope I can go the distance.


Wanda..... said...

What do you mean by "sheep grazier alerts out", Penny? Someone stealing sheep or is it a reminder to trim the sheep? I'm not that knowledgeable, when it comes to sheep! :)

ArtPropelled said...

Penny, is your farm edged by the sea or do you have to drive to get there? lol, it's question time on your blog today.

Sophie Munns said...

I love these precious creatures form the sea...the star fish and the sea urchin!
Looks very cold down your way here.
Hope you re keeping well!