Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sketchbook pages

I have been trying to get a few things into my sketchbook, these I did a while ago, one is a grid stitched on a table napkin over a painting I did and the other is another grid using thread ansd beads.
I have also made a mess, not to be shown, when I painted over some ink that was not waterproof. I should know better!
I shall have to think about how to retrieve that one.
Adelaide yesterday was interesting, I think I got all seasons in one day.
It was very tiring, driving wasnt fun with wind wanting to blow you over the road and rain absolutely sheeting down and the windscreen wipers not wanting to work in the ferocity of it all.
My mother was perhaps a little better, I did take her down to where a few 'normal' people were sitting chatting and I knitted, instead of being in that awful room with others who look half dead.
I am not doing much today, in fact I spent some time reading a bit more of Diana Gabaldons latest book, which I am enjoying but it is one of those huge new books and they are impossible to lie in bed and read. So I am taking to my comfortable chair and feeling wicked, although the weather hasnt improved much which makes me feel better but then but the ironing is waiting!
The first foal has arrived, a black Welsh Cob colt, but he is over at Tabby's so I havent seen him yet. I would have been happier with a filly and what weather to arrive in.

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ArtPropelled said...

Oh be wicked and take to your comfortable chair :-)
I might do the same with a new book and the weather changing so suddenly from dry heat to freezing wind-off-the-snow weather.... though I don't think it has snowed up country.

I remember doing the same for my godmother.... taking her from the depressing half dead section to the happier more "normal" section.

Your table napkin masterpiece really appeals to me.