Friday, August 27, 2010

Another day, another walk

We went back to Pt Elliot today as the wind was from a slightly different direction, not too cold or wet or for that matter terribly windy which after the last few days is amazing.
You really didnt want to go out any where and suddenly it has calmed down and they are promising warmer weather.
These are all in the wrong order but that doesnt matter, it was lovely to see the waves crashing on the rocks, I saw two seals off the rocks having a lovely time but I have given up trying to take decent photos of them.
In some you can see blue sky but when we arrived there were clouds and rain to the north and some of the waves were really quite large, because we are above them it is hard to get the idea of how high some are.
I took loads of photos so you will see others later. I took a bit more of the coastal vegetation too.
I have been busy finishing off the atc's for the birthday swap for next month so I can get them off in time. I have also been playing again with some of the painting and stenciling and using shiva sticks, this time on wrapping paper, I found some lovely stuff I had saved from when we were in Japan, quite a few years ago now. It worked well.
That is on my other blog.
A lovely day but we are both feeling we had a pretty full week and are tired.


Wanda..... said...

I especially like your 1st, 3rd, and 5th photos, Penny...they captured the waves well. The wild flowers are lovely too...your winter months are nothing like ours! We are heading into autumn here.

Julie said...

Lovely photos of the coast...the weather there sounds so refreshing to is so blasted hot here...but I know either way can really zap the strength out of you!!! You know, I am heading to the beach today to take pictures for my blog!