Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scarf finished and poppies on fabric.

I have finally knitted my scarf, it was supposed to be much longer but I find really long scarves a nuisance. It is done in sock wool and is a pretty simple stitch for a scarf, chevron stitch. I am quite pleased with it and dont feel much like knitting any more, but a pair of socks just might get done to match it, I had an extra ball of wool.
I played around with a larger stencil i cut out and using shiva sticks put this collection of poppies onto a piece of hand dyed cotton, just to see what they looked like. I quite like it but am now waiting for the shiva sticks to set. It is not very big, but then I tend to hand quilt and so I dont really do big quilts.
Actually I dont quilt at all.
My painting, still not finished from my lesson yesterday is on my other blog.
I have rescued some of my seedlings from the slugs and got them into the ground, now to see what grows and what the wretched rabbit will eat. Two hours in the garden was enough, just goes to show how unfit I am. No walk except around the close paddocks which are horribly muddy and wet so not much fun.
It is warmer today and more blossom is showing in the garden, a good day forecast for tomorrow and then more rain, all just in time for the Royal Adelaide Show which the girls will be at hacking with the ponies. As Sarah said, probably rubber boots for the leading rein on Monday.


Sally Westcott said...

I love the poppies! And the scarf too!

I really must finish the one I started months ago!


Julie said...

You poppies on the cotton fabric look fantastic!!! You were so funny talking about your quilting and then ending with that you don't quilt at all!!! hehehe!!! I am NOT a quilter...I just cannot bring myslef to that at all. Well, I really hate sewing...but now...doing the beautiful fabrics, as you have here, is something enjoyable. Do you ever sell your fabrics to quilters??? I am seeing an ETSY shop would be good, if you ever wanted to sell your fabrics! You have a rabbit. Sweet.

Wanda..... said...

Opening your post this morning, Penny, I found the photos to be strikingly lovely! The fabric with poppies is very nice!

shirley said...

Congrats on finishing he scarf I dont like very long scarves either. Love the poppies...and the background fabric.