Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small signs of Spring

I have to say I am not sure why the prunus by our bedroom door thinks it should be flowering, gale force winds and rain today. As I came into Victor early this morning a large gum tree was over the road but luckily I wasnt the first one there and I could get around it, other wise I would have been late for the market and my watercolour lesson. At which I had fun but made mud (see my other blog!).
Wanda asked what a sheep graziers advice was, I suppose we are used to the weather bureau here having them and dont give them a thought. It means that the weather will be very rough and cold and any shorn sheep may die so get them into a paddock with shelter.
I remember when we had sheep we lost a huge number of newly shorn sheep, many dieing under bushes and shrubs, we had a very cold late frost and then strong cold winds. The paddock was sheltered and there were places for them to go but they still died.
I like sheep, not so keen on cattle but as we dairy that is what we have.
Bit of a vent here too, our dairy company we send our milk to (and we dont have many other options) has not been paying when or what they should, as a multi national company you would think they shouldnt have mistakes made in their accounts. We have to wait, they save some money.
Well out to brave the cold, rubber boots, parka, woolly scarf to the for to feed the hens and the dogs. Oscar of course is an inside cat but he has been battering on the door telling me its time!

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Wanda..... said...

Thanks for explaining the sheep graziers alert, Penny. :)

We're beginning to have hints of autumn here. although it's very hot still, a few leaves are turning and Robins are starting to gather in flocks.