Friday, August 06, 2010

An odd couple

I have to thank Chris Gray whose blog is here
who inspired me to have a bit of fun on paper. I seem to be scared of doing new things unless I have seen them done, but I love what Chris has been doing and she inspired me to have a go. So with Khadi paper, some fabric scraps, a bit of know how learnt from Dale Rollerson whose blog is here of the Thread Studio who did some gilding in our Gilding the Lily class and who also sent me the wonderful button made in Tasmania, and come to think of it I probably got the Indian block stamp from Dale as well, and also the stencil, what would I do without her!
So put it all together and sew it up, in my slightly wonky stitches and you have what I think with practice could be a small gem.
I do have a worry though, did I get the Japanese writing the right way up?
It made me go through boxes and do some searching, oh and the paper the button is on is one I rusted a few months ago, I must do more when the weather gets warmer, it is still freezing here today.
Now the knitted object, which John calls a cover for a surf board is my hug me tight, as you can see I ran out of wool half way through but as only I will see it I dont think it matters.It just took far more wool than the pattern suggested, perhaps I knit too tightly.
I think I should have modelled it but as my back is aching and I am almost bent double at the moment it would not have been a pretty look.
Off to feed the dogs and the chooks and of course Oscar.


Suztats said...

I really like what you've created. I think we should all play more often.

Julie said...

I love this whole idea...a sort of fabric, paper, item collage!!! Beautiful! Of course, now I am wondering about how to do cool is that!!!!!
Thanks for getting me inspired once again! Hope your back will be better soon. Goodness.
xoxo- Julie

Wanda..... said...

You've created something very lovely, Penny!