Saturday, August 28, 2010

More from yesterday

Just a few more photos from yesterday, the clematis was out even more than last week, the yellow native yam daisy, a row of granite above the path and lichens on the rocks which I am sure have doubled in size since the rain.
I had good but also frustrating morning at my watercolour class. I got totally bogged down and didnt finish but have a better idea of how to go about it in future.
An early start as I needed to get the papers and go to the market as well.
I hope to finish my vase of flowers tomorrow unless it is too good a day in which case I will be in the garden
My scarf is finally finished I will put a photo up after I have blocked it.
Lots of things I am wanting to do it is finding the time that is the problem.

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Julie said...

I adore lichen! Your photos are what inspired me to do my beach posts! I am so excited now, I am planning another very early walk over there in the look for treasures, and to celebrate no more work till Thursday!!!!! Thanks for all your beautiful scenic shots and lovely artwork!!!