Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuppy and some flowers

It has still been cold or perhaps I am feeling it more but I wandered around with my camera and found my dear old pug Tuppy sitting in the garden, he shows up much better than his black wife and she was off somewhere else any way.
There are a lot of camellias out at the moment, and a few native dendrobiums are coming into flower in the shade house, this one is always early, I love the starry shape.
I dont know why the almond blossom is always out during the worst weather of the year, my tree struggles but was bravely showing a few flowers, I have seen wonderful trees around all full of blossom, but the weather has not been the sort to get out of the car and take photos.
I have not been feeling terribly brilliant so tired lately but my doctor just said it was nothing so I had better pick myself up and start feeling better, I think it has been the cold and dreary weather and with all my joints aching it doesnt exactly make me feel like doing a great deal.
I look forward to spring.


Julie said...

Have you got any of those packs you can warm in the microwave and sit with them on your joints? I hope spring will be here soon for you, Penny! Feel better!!! Your flowers are lovely, and what a cute doggy!!! We almost got a pug...had it narrowed down to either a pug or a chihuahua,and daughter found the chichi, so we have our little Doozey, but the pug is so cute!!!!!

shirley said...

How beautiful! This is the same orchid I have in a pot but yours is much more spectacular than mine is. Flower three is about to bloom.

shirley said...

Sorry to hear of your sore joints I hope spring comes soon to give you some relief

ArtPropelled said...

Your Camelias are beautiful. Spring is near and the jasmine is beginning to blossom here. Hope your aches and pains disappear soon, penny.

Doreen G said...

I'm with you Penny achie joints and all.