Sunday, January 31, 2010

Froth and bubble

We walked again this morning, a very different day to Friday, the wind had come up and there had been a very high tide.
Every where the waves were leaving trails of froth and bubbles were coloured like the rainbow.
I am walking much better too.
Home and I sorted out the geraniums in pots by the back door, it has been so hot of all things I have had them in some shade but we are being told we may have some rain during the week. Certainly the cloud along the east coast has gone almost all the way down but we will see if we get it or not.
It is much colder tonight than it was last night.
We had a good meal at the pub, not cheap, but better than normal pub food and the place was packed. I think we were almost the oldest faces there!
I am still playing with things, trying to sort out how to present some of my stuff for the show at Easter, the trouble is it is all fairly small I have nothing large this year at all.
I need to sell a few things but have a terrible feeling I wont make much as I realistically cant ask too much either.

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Wanda said...

The thought of Easter being close makes me feel warmer, the sun is shining here in Ohio, but it is still very cold.