Sunday, January 17, 2010

I walked this morning

I was supposed to be at a pony show today but decided that it was all too much and a day of rest was in order. It turned out not to be quite a day of rest but I felt better for doing what I have done.
The yellow crocosma by the bedroom door is looking lovely and bright. I have the orange one as well but really like this yellow one.They can become a bit of a weed so I have to try and control them.
It was quite cool today and we had a little bit of rain not a lot but a bit which helps things along. Some of the clouds were quite spectacular and I couldnt resist this photo.
This is the latest foal now I think 2 weeks old, we are not sure if she will go grey or stay cream. she is a real cutie and to think that her father was not supposed to be any where near the fillies when he got out.
Coming back to the house this peacock was sitting on the table by the bedroom door, I couldnt resist taking his photos.
Finally as the children were leaving last night I took this photo of the plane they were on, Adelaide airport with the city and hills behind.
We did very well at the show today apparently, a Cob I bred was Supreme Cob (D) in both rings, our Section A colt and filly were both Champion in their rings and the filly was Supreme A in one and the colt Rivington Ascot was Supreme A and then Supreme led Welsh of the whole Show so quite exciting for Isabelle who led him and whose pony it is.
This was our Welsh Youngstock Show which also combines with the Riding pony Society.
I have washed bedding for most of the day, dusted and tidied up and John did most of the vacuuming for me so now I have a relatively clean and tidy house and two rather had it people!
I have to say I am not looking forward to the ironing, there is a massive basket full.

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